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Here's Kobe Bryant Playing Electric Guitar, Scoring 68 Points in 15 Minutes

And both happened in China, which is the only way any of this makes sense. We were first alerted to this by Eye on Basketball and they have some details, culled from Kobe's facebook page.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant participated in what sounds like the most ridiculous charity basketball game of all time in Shanghei this weekend. The game, played in two 15-minute halves, featured local pop music stars. Bryant, in China on a promotional tour, sat out the entire first half before scoring a self-reported 68 points to key his team to a comeback victory, after fans somehow texted in to give his opponents an extra 20-point lead.


I don't know either man, but it happened. So Kobe came in and his teammates were totally down with him taking over and just repeatedly Indiana Jonesing this one show-off dude. Watch the highlights, Kobe will not suffer fools and leads his team to the comeback victory.

It gets weirder. Here we have Kobe partaking in some free-throw shooting competition that gets turned into a three point shooting contest and eventually a half-court shooting competition with bonus basketball foot-juggling.

These are all things that happened.

Kobe Bryant scores 68 points in a ridiculous charity game in China [CBS]

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