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Illustration for article titled Heres NFL Referee Ed Hochulis Adorable Response To A Fan Who Emailed To Say He Missed Him

We got an email from a reader named Tyler a little while ago. Tyler and his friends are fed up with the work of the NFL's scab officials, so they decided to contact locked-out ref Ed Hochuli by emailing him at his law office to say they missed him. And look: Hochuli responded!


This is how the exchange went down, starting with Tyler's friend's email to Hochuli:

From: [name redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 8:07 AM
Subject: Looking forward to your return - we all are


So full disclosure here, I've wasted some of my breathe cursing referees in the NFL for calls that (in my opinion) were incorrect. However, given the absolute mess that I've seen over the past three weeks... I feel like I owe you an apology. I don't think I could appreciate what an amazing job you all do until I saw these guys, who I recognize are doing their best, fail so miserably and so blatantly.

I would say hurry back, but I know its not that simple - labor negotiations never are. Just rest assured NFL fans (outside of Seattle) are looking forward to your return.


PS - your profile at the law firm doesn't mention your killer workout regimen - what's up with that? Has to be an oversight right?


This was Hochuli's reply:

Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: Looking forward to your return - we all are
To: [name redacted]

Thank you very much for your support and for taking the time to write, [name redacted]. And I'll get on the printer about that oversight in our website as soon as I get out of the gym today! Seriously, thanks for your email, but I'm sure a week after we're back, you'll be cursing me again!!!! That's half the fun. :)

All my best, Ed

Ed Hochuli spends all his spare time working out and he uses emoticons. Who knew?

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