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Here's Rex Ryan Wearing An "I'd Hit That" Shirt

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We've long known way more about Rex Ryan's dietary exploits—and his sex life—than we ever wanted to. We recently learned that he had lost over 100 pounds, which evidently means he can flaunt his frame in T-shirts with naughty puns on them. Congratulations?


But wait! A tipster named Jared emailed us over the weekend with the subject line "Rex Ryan is gonna get fat again." He wrote:

As everyone knows by now, Rex Ryan has lost a lot of weight. I saw it firsthand when he sat down next to my table at Garcia's Mexican restaurant in Cortland, NY shortly after a Jets training camp practice. He proceeded to order beef nachos, chimichangas and xango (cheesecake in a tortilla fried w/ sugar and cinnamon), so I'm thinking he won't keep it off.


Rex's love of Mexican fare is well-documented. A 2010 story in the NY Post said that Ryan partakes in south-of-the-border cuisine so often, his assistants refer to it as "Rexican." So it should come as no surprise that he treated himself to an enormous Rexican feast.

I know what you're thinking. There's no way Rex could have put away nachos, chimichangas and a decadent dessert after having his stomach stapled. Maybe he's just daintily sampling each item, reveling in the beefiness of his nachos and moving on to the next item, thus retaining his slender physique. But if Rex keeps eating deep-fried, sugar-coated cheesecake, Jared might be proven right. He'll be looking like his brother Rob in no time.

h/t to Alex

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