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Here's Roger Goodell Spinning A Yarn About Player Health

Roger Goodell appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and covered a wide range of topics. They discussed the weather, The Big Game, international expansion and, finally, player health. Notably, the Commish never uttered the words "concussion" or "head injuries."

What he did talk about was the overall health of NFL alums. Did you know players live longer than "the average male"? And the quality of life, O!, the quality of life. These guys are getting divorced at a lower rate than "most males" and their "health conditions are better, particularly cardiovascularly." NFL players are the real-life version of the guys in dick pill commercials—just living life, loving their wives and having strong tickers—except for those injuries specific to NFL players. You know, joint injuries.


Please watch the whole interview for the perfect bookend to this NFL infomercial.


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