Here's Something Nice About Bobby Petrino That We Learned From His Phone Records

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It's not all fast bikes and fast women. A close reading of Bobby Petrino's cell phone logs reveals this: Bobby has a heart.

The week before the Troy game, wide receiver Greg Childs's grandmother passed away. Childs was excused from practice, and would eventually miss the game. But on that Friday, at 9:55 a.m., Petrino dialed a Warren, Ark., cell phone belonging to Childs. No answer; Petrino called him again. Again, no answer. Perhaps he left a message. At 10:03, Childs called Petrino back. They spoke for four minutes, before their call was interrupted. Childs rang Petrino again, and they spoke for a further eight minutes.


Of course, we have no idea what was said. But whether it was a heartfelt chat, a simple how-ya-doin' inquiry, or a procedural matter, Petrino took the time to do what he could have delegated to an assistant. It's a long way from the Bobby Petrino at Louisville who once tried to dissuade a player from going to the funeral of a friend on game day. ("He didn't say, ‘You can't go.' He said, ‘I guess you don't want to play football here.'")


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