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Here's The 911 Call Made After A Man Set A "Hard Screen" In Pickup Basketball

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A Virginia man sought out law enforcement after someone in his pickup basketball game performed what witnesses have described as a “hard screen” or “hard pick” at the LA Fitness in Sterling, Va. on Monday. Deadspin has acquired a 911 call made by the gym’s front desk clerk at 6:40 p.m. on Monday evening. The conversation between the clerk and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is calm, professional, and courteous despite the gravity of the situation. 


Here’s the audio of the call:

And here’s a transcript:


LA FITNESS CLERK: Hi, yes I’m calling from LA Fitness at the Dulles Town Center, and, uh, a member got assaulted.

LCSO: Okay, and this occurred inside the business, or, where did it happen?

CLERK: Uh, it happened in the basketball court.

LCSO: Is the person that assaulted him still there?

CLERK: Um, is the person—let me ask him. [Pause] Yes, still in the gym.

LCSO: Can I get a description of the suspect?

CLERK: Um, [addressing someone in room] excuse me, excuse me. What does he look like? [Male voice in room: He’s tall, African-American, like six-four, six-five, he’s got sleeves, headband.]

CLERK: Uh, he’s tall, African-American, he has long sleeves and, uh, a headband you said? And a headband.

LCSO: And are you the desk clerk?

CLERK: Yes, I’m working at the front desk.

LCSO: And is the victim with you at the front desk?


LCSO: Does the victim need an ambulance, anything like that?

CLERK: No—uh, no.

LCSO: And what is your name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: What is your last name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: And your phone number there?

CLERK: Um, [redacted]

LCSO: Okay. Okay, we’ll have a deputy come and see everybody there, okay?

CLERK: Okay, thank you.

LCSO: Okay.

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