Seizing the momentum from the Orangeburg (SC) "I Ride The Ride" brawl, tipster John C. forwarded what he deemed "epic" footage of some fisticuffs at the Beaumont, Texas Chuck E. Cheese.

Here's what "rocslaughter" had to say about his first-ever viral video:

1 dude, 2 baby mommas, n alot of family drama. homeboy first baby just had a bday party today at chuck e cheese, but baby momma #2 who just had a baby for him 3 days ago, showed up wit her diking ass homegirl to show the new baby momma that they aint takin that shit no more. and well, i missed the first 3 seconds of the fight, where u see baby momma #1 steal off on baby momma #2, but after that, yall got the rest here. aye, props for my first viral video. peace.



Beaumont Chuck E. Cheese's Brawl Adds to City's Sterling Reputation [Houston Press]