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Here's The Rays' 1979 "Throwback" Jersey

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Joe Maddon, you're a damn good sport. (Except when you're calling out the Nationals for a "pussy move" when they bring attention to Joel Peralta's sticky, dripping glove.) Any one of your players could have been the model for the 1979 Rays jersey that never was, but you stepped up and threw on that powder blue like a champ.

Next weekend, the Rays will hold a "Turn Back the Clock" night, which is surprisingly not a problem for a franchise that doesn't have a lot of past. In past years they've donned the uniforms from actual long-gone teams like the Tampa Tarpons and St. Pete Saints. This time around, they've retro-imagined what the Rays jersey might have looked like had the franchise existed in the '70s, a dark time for baseball fashion. (Also, presume the "Devil" Rays era didn't happen.)

The jersey was just released by Rays PR, and it's...very 1979. Differently-colored front cap panel, massive front uniform number, and powder blue. Nothing says 1979 like powder blue.

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