Here's The Video Of Mike Rice Abusing His Players That Got The Rutgers Coach Suspended

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Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice was suspended in December for three games, and fined $50,000. At the time, the school wouldn't say what led to the discipline. This video is why. Rice throws basketballs at his players' heads. He shoves them, grabs them, and kicks them. He calls them "motherfuckers," "cunts," "sissy bitches," and "fucking faggots."

All of this had been alleged by former director of player development Eric Murdock, who claims Rice's actions caused at least three players to transfer. Murdock says he was fired when he attempted to blow the whistle, and plans to sue the school for wrongful termination.

Murdock showed the tape, which is over 30 minutes long and consists of multiple practice sessions edited together, to Rutgers's athletic department in December, which precipitated Rice's suspension. Murdock then took the tape to ESPN, which had planned to air it on Outside The Lines this Sunday. But Rutgers wrongfooted ESPN, showing the tape to reporters today, and in response ESPN bumped up its broadcast to this afternoon.

AD Tim Pernetti reiterated that Rice will remain Rutgers's coach.