That AEK defeated Atromitos 3-0 to win the Greek Cup Final to claim its first trophy since 2002 is good for them. That fans threw flares at one another during the national anthem, goals resulted in "pitch invasions" and the faithful turned the VIP section into a target-rich environment is good for everybody who likes watching sport devolve into chaos.

A few minutes after the apparent end of the game, it emerged that Kakos had not blown the final whistle but that he signaled for the players to leave the field because so many fans had gathered around it. But the prospect of the players returning to play the remaining minutes seemed impossible because AEK fans had torn the nets from the goals and the pitch was strewn with advertising hoardings, chairs and other debris.

According to state television NET, Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) officials and representatives of both sides spoke to Kakos and it was decided that the extra minutes would not be played and the cup would be awarded to AEK.

Probably for the best.

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