The Downtown Hotel, in Dawson City, Yukon, has a tradition. For $5, patrons can order the Sourtoe Cocktail, a shot of whiskey containing a severed, preserved human toe. You must let the toe touch your lips. You must not swallow the toe, on pain of a $500 fine. On Saturday, a man swallowed the toe.

Finally, video has emerged:


Not much is known about this brave soul. He's said to be an American, downing the toe on his last night before leaving the city forever, paying the fine with his returned rent deposit.

Since the tradition began in 1973, the bar has gone through at least eight toes, either lost, or accidentally swallowed—the "Toe Captain" on duty that night says this was the first time someone downed one on purpose. (The history of each toe is scrupulously chronicled here.)

The fine will be raised to $2,500, but the Downtown Hotel is down a toe. Says Lee: "If you have a spare toe, hey, we need one."