Your morning roundup for April 15, the day after Walter Breuning died of natural causes. He was 114 years and 205 days old.

• Golfer Kevin Na waited until after the Masters to make a name for himself on the PGA Tour. Ninth hole, TPC San Antonio, AT&T Oaks Course designed by Greg Norman. Par four. By the time ball was in hole, Na went 12-over. [FoxSports]

"I got done with the hole and I said, 'Ryuji (Imada), I think I made somewhere between a 10 and a 15 but I think it's close to a 15.' They gave me 14 in the beginning and that sounded about right. Then, after the round, they said 15. We went and checked the camera and I counted it myself and it was 16. I just wanted to know exactly what I made. I'm the only one that's going to be able to know. [Golf Digest]


• Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres stopped 35 shots in a shutout of the Philadelphia Flyers, who are 1-6 in their last seven home games. Final score: 1-0 on some guy's second career playoff goal [Buffalo News]. In other first-round, first-game action, the Canadiens won 2-0 in Boston [Montreal Gazette] and the San Jose Sharks topped the L.A. Kings 3-2 in OT [Mercury News].

• In other Philadelphia shutout news, Cliff Lee wasn't one to be outdone by teammate Roy Halladay's complete game against the Nationals. Lee pitched one, too, throwing 99 pitches and striking out 12 in a 4-0 win that lasted two hours and six minutes. [Philadelphia Inquirer]


• Tim Lincecum gave $25,000 to the Bryan Stow Fund, which will help cover medical bills, etc. for the 42-year-old beaten into a coma outside Dodgers Stadium. John Steigerwald calls Lincecum a stupid pothead who should realize it takes at least $30,000 to make someone wake up from their coma. [San Francisco Examiner]

• In related news, the L.A.P.D. made its presence felt at last night's Dodgers/Cardinals game.

Greg Baggerly, a 48-year-old in L.A. on business, stood waiting to buy a ticket, the sole fan donning a bright red Cardinals jersey. He said he mulled showing up in more neutral attire after hearing what happened at the home opener.

"My friends were all telling me I'm crazy, gonna get pummeled," he said. "But I figured the Cardinals-Dodgers rivalry isn't that intense." [L.A. Times]


With boots on the ground, tipster Ray S. wrote, "Never have I seen a police presence quite like this. Cops on horseback, cops on segways, cops in cars, cops in helicopter, and two security guards in every section. L.A., your tax dollars at work!"

• The Twins placed catcher Joe Mauer on the 15-day disabled list because of "leg weakness." [Star Tribune]

• John Lucas has apparently ceded his role as JaMarcus Russell's "life coach" to somebody the former Oakland QB took a shine to calling, "Grimace McDrank, analrapist." [Yahoo Sports]


• Not one to be outdone by the University of Florida, Auburn A.D. Jay Jacobs emailed fans/donors to tell them that they, too, would erect statues to the school's trio of Heisman Trophy winners. The bronze statues of Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton will be one and one-half times life size and weigh approximately 1,900 pounds each. [War Eagle Reader]

• Doctors hold out hope that University of Georgia outfielder Johnathan Taylor, who broke his neck in an outfield collision with a teammate but did not sever his spinal cord, will be able to walk again. [Florida Times Union]


• ESPN's Lester Munson is a total failure, and not just because the "legal analyst" said Barry Bonds's defense team went 0-for-4, but in many facets of his sad, lonely life ever since he lost a hand in an unfortunate bowling-alley incident. [Above the Law]

• The Chicago Cubs very well may have thrown the 1918 World Series. Which would be a big deal if they didn't win one within the next, um, yeah, that sucks. [CSN Chicago]

• Kimbo Slice's manager was apparently mixed up in a porn production involving a 15-year-old girl. This is noteworthy because we should always know not only what Kimbo Slice is up to, but what those surrounding him are too, if only for peace of mind. [Miami New Times]


• One day until first of four upcoming El Clasicos. [Daily Mail] [BBC] [Guardian] [Barcelona Reporter]

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