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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The controversy over Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini pushing co-owner Brandon Jones after Saturday's game is reaching a fevered pitch. We covered this yesterday, but new video has surfaced that's pretty conclusive proof Pelini pushed Jones.


Here's TexAgs's video that weaves together Jones's footage and pictures from a second video (posted below), in case you haven't seen it yet.

Here's the video that was posted on a TexAgs message board today. We recommend you maximize it.

Here is a screen shot of Pelini in case that was unclear.

Illustration for article titled Heres Video Of Carl Pelini Getting Handsy With A Photographer

In the video, Pelini is visible around the 0:06 to 0:11 mark, near the far 40-yard line. He appears to lunge towards the cameraman (Jones) and knock the camera to the ground. Furthermore, he appears to trip over something that resembles a cord. Was the cord an impediment in his going after Jones or was tripping over the cord the spark that set Pelini off? That's still unclear.

What is clear is that Pelini intentionally put his hands on Jones's camera. He said so himself in a statement released today:

I apologize for the events that occurred after Saturday night's game at Texas A&M. It was a very emotional situation and the mob scene on the field after the game amplified that. Having been involved in a similar situation in 2003 at Missouri, and in witnessing the situation on the field, I made a poor decision in trying to prevent a reporter from recording the scene. I have acknowledged this from the very beginning. Unfortunately, in trying to prevent a scene, I created one. We have been in contact with Brandon Jones and I have apologized to him directly for putting my hands on his camera. I offered to pay for any damages to the camera, but Brandon indicated there were none.

Unfortunately, Bo did not have all the facts prior to yesterday's press conference and wasn't fully prepared for the question. Hopefully, this statement will erase all doubts about the situation and allow everyone to put it behind us. Again, I apologize for any negative publicity this has caused for our football program, Athletic Department and the University of Nebraska.

So Carl Pelini doesn't believe reporters should be able to film certain things. Case closed.

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