Here's What A $40 Million Check Looks Like

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This is just part of Floyd Mayweather's record-setting payout for his bout against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, a split majority decision for Mayweather.

Via @Fight_Ghost, the check from Golden Boy Promotions to Mayweather Promotions, and maybe something of a changing of the guard. Mayweather has indicated that the promoting business is his next step after retiring, and wants it to become the premier outfit in boxing.


The check is for $40,870,000, a guarantee that breaks Mayweather's own record of $32 million, set for last year's Cotto fight and tied by May's Guerrero bout. The costs of drug testing and comped tickets are already taken out. But there's still a shit-ton of money to come for Money. When PPV receipts are tallied, his share will push him well over the record $45 million he earned for the Cotto fight.

Alvarez didn't do so bad either, though obviously nowhere near Mayweather. Alvarez earned a $5 million guarantee for taking the fight, but the majority of his payout will come from Mexican TV revenues. The fight did bananas there, with 77 percent of televisions in use tuned in to the match.