The 33 Chilean miners who just emerged after two months trapped underground played in a friendly match against their rescuers today and lost 3-2. "[They're] great players," joked Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, "but they're a bit out of shape."

The miners played on one side, Team Hope, while the rescuers, government officials, and President Piñera played for Team Operation Rescue. Hope lost. (For the record, that's an actual sub-header on BBC).

Team Hope had an early 2-0 lead, but they gave up three unanswered goals. I know South America takes its soccer/football very, very seriously, but doesn't this seem like one of those cases where you might let the national heroes knock in a winning goal a little late in the game? You know, in the interest of the screenplay and all?

A victory for Chile, but not for its miners [The Independent]

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