Herm Edwards, 0-1, The Way God Intended

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I think we were pretty sure that Cleveland wouldn't rock this year, and New England smashing the Jets this year shouldn't really surprise anybody. And even Minnesota blowing out a Harrington-led Falcon team shouldn't raise too many eyebrows...

But Kansas City, with one of the best RBs in the game in Larry Johnson, sauntered into Houston and got skullfucked by the Texans. What. The. Shit? Andre Johnson caught 7 for 142 and a score. Schaub threw for 225 (1 TD, 1 pick). The Texans were on top for most of this game (or, pitching, if you will), and served a bit of notice to the League that their days as the doormat of the AFC South may finally be over.


The Chiefs finished the day at 3-for-11 on 3rd down conversions and 1-for-1 on screwing the pooch on opening weekend. But I give credit to the Texans, who finally got tired of getting the shit kicked out of them and deciding to hold serve on their home weekend.

Meanwhile, I am about to pound out a post where I virtually suck off Jason Elam...Fuck me frozen...