Herm Edwards Is Mad As Hell

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Herm Edwards, a former NFL coach who will scream on TV if you pay him, screamed on today’s episode of NFL Live. The gang was talking about the beef between Bills running back LeSean McCoy and his former coach Chip Kelly. Greg Schiano(!) played the part of Chill Coach, while Edwards was Mad Coach. He performed his role perfectly.

It’s a softball of a topic: McCoy’s playing against the team he thinks treated him poorly, and he’s still mad. Is it a distraction? Is it disrespectful to the game of football? Which side has more to prove? The phrase “wide re-divas” is used by Trey Wingo. Edwards, who is paid to talk about news in football, just wants to talk about football, dammit.

Edwards lays it on thick as he bangs the desk, and yells like he’s trying to scare rookies straight at a symposium, but at certain points, he seems legitimately angry that he has to talk about McCoy. For the full effect, imagine this excerpt was yelled in your face:

This ain’t professional football, man. It ain’t about you. It’s not about you anymore. The players think it’s all about them. It ain’t about them. It’s about the game of football, man. I’m done with this mess, man.


Edwards threatens to leave the set because he doesn’t want to keep talking about “this mess.” Of course, he doesn’t. Darren Woodson’s face does a good job of summing things up:



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