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Hero Photographer Canned By Fussy Ski Resort

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The identity of the photographer who took the by-now legendary Ski Lift Pantsless photos has been revealed. We know that, unfortunately, because he had been employed by Vail Resorts, which fired him.


Marty Odom worked for Sharpshooters Imaging, the official portrait photography concession for the Colorado resort. And what a portrait Odom captured on January 1, as a 48-year-old man somehow slipped partially off of his chair lift, sans pants. Odom was off duty at the time, but knows a good photo when he sees one. The resort, however, was not amused.

The Vail Daily got the story:

"I was out on my own with my own camera, so I didn’t think it was a big deal," Odom said. "I thought it was going to be the photo of the New Year." However, when he arrived at work on Monday, he was told that he was suspended until further notice. "We all know what that means," said Odom, who has been working for Sharpshooters since the beginning of the season. "I guess it embarrassed Vail Resorts, and they called [my] shop."

Evidently Odom's contract had a co-compete clause, which is amusing in itself. In the event that a chubby skier is left dangling pantsless from one of our lifts, Vail Resorts shall retain exclusive rights to any photos, video footage and/or movie rights ...

“Everyone is talking about it and saying, ‘Oh, you’re the guy who took that photo.’” Odom said. “People love it. Everyone said it’s going to be a legend in Vail, hung up in every bar." In fact, Odom said he’s not sorry for taking the photo. “I would do it all over again,” he said. “Except now I’m on the job hunt, and this town isn’t looking too good right now."


Of course if Vail were smart, they'd give Odom a raise and develop a promotional campaign around the photos.

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