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A Minnesota man was arrested for throwing a bench through a restaurant window after the gold medal game on Sunday. There's not a jury in the country that would convict him.


Joseph Lafleur was royally pissed at the ending of the US-Canada game — seriously, you let him go five-hole from that angle? — and he wanted to take out his frustrations on the first thing he saw. Unfortunately for the bench, that thing was a bench outside Sally's Saloon and Eatery in Minneapolis. Unfortunately for Lafleur, cops were on their lunch break inside.

The arresting officers were having lunch at Sally's when Lafleur began kicking the bench outside. The report said he kicked it until it fell over and then pushed it into the picture window near where they were sitting.

After he saw the officers come out of the entrance, Lafleur began walking at a fast pace eastbound along Washington Avenue Southeast. He was told to stop several times but did not cooperate. The report said one of the arresting officers took Lafleur to the ground after he caught up with him. Lafleur was noted in the report as resisting the officers' attempts to handcuff him.


Resisting arrest is never cool. But then I read what Lafleur told the officers:

I'm pissed off at Miller; he should have stopped that shot."

Oh God. That's heartbreaking. I know exactly how he felt. Can we really hold responsible a man who took out a nation's frustrations on one martyred bench?

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