Herschel Walker is a threat to society — it’s time to get him out of the paint

This runoff election doesn’t just affect Georgia, it impacts all of us

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Somewhere between the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 6, and the early hours of Wednesday, Dec. 7, we will know the results of another crucial election in Georgia that has national implications. But, more than that, we will know if the Republican Party was successful in electing a Senator strictly because he’s a remote-controlled imbecile that will do — and vote for — anything they want him to, strictly off the fact that he’s a football legend in the state that keeps choosing Brian Kemp over Stacey Abrams.

Somewhere along the line, Herschel Walker “the football player” turned into Herschel Walker “the political candidate,” and the latter has managed to stick around longer than most assumed, as it was a clear indicator that they were unaware of how Georgia politics work and how low Georgia Republicans have stooped to believe that a man of his character and “intellect” is suitable to serve in the Senate for the next six years.


Walker recently confused the words “erection” and “election”, and it was a trending topic for days. For any other candidate, it would have been a simple gaffe, but for Walker, it was just another one of the mind-blowing things he’s said this year that show how unfit he is for office, despite being this close to becoming a United States senator.


“I’ve seen plenty of people make mistakes. “I haven’t seen anybody make as many mistakes, Bill Bradley recently said about Walker to Sports Illustrated. Bradley, a former NBA star, Princeton graduate, and Rhodes Scholar, served three terms as a senator. “It seems to me that [Walker] was not prepared to run for office, and certainly not this office. I don’t know what he’s done over the years to try to understand the world or understand his country or understand politics or the economy.”

Outside of Walker’s erratic behavior and baffling comments — which have been as funny as they are scary at times — Walker has made on the campaign trail, they have occurred at a crucial time where gun control, abortion, women’s rights, and climate change are things Walker could and would be voting on — which is why the prospect of his victory is so scary.

We’re at a point where a man who stands against abortion allegedly has a history of taking part in abortions. Walker doesn’t have a plan for climate control in the same way he’d be lost about choosing an agenda to focus on during his term. The man literally told us that he wasn’t that smart.

“I don’t know why somebody doesn’t ask him: What committee do you want to be on? Why?” asked Bradley.


But more than anything else, Walker represents just how dirty the Republican Party will play, as he’s proof that there is no basement with them. There’s nothing they won’t do to grab control, privilege, and power. It’s gotten to the point where the party is keeping Trump away from him, in hopes that distancing Walker from the GOP’s leader will help him at the polls in some weird belief that voters will think, “he’s crazy, but not Trump crazy.” But even still, this is the man Kelly Loeffler has already cast her ballot for. If being remembered as someone who had the enthusiastic support of a woman who lost the same Senate seat Walker now seeks (Loeffler lost to Raphael Warnock, who currently holds the seat) and publicly lost the confidence of her WNBA team — the Atlanta Dream — isn’t enough to deter you, then nothing is. The former running back has become a living and breathing example of how serious the apparent implications of CTE can be.


“I think a lot of Republicans are hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but there aren’t a lot of indications out there to base that on,” Jason Shepherd, former chair of the Cobb County GOP, told Politico in a story that was released just before Election Day. “Just a lot of hope and faith in things unseen. It’s the Christmas season, after all.”

According to ABC News, the turnout for early voting in Georgia for this election has already broken daily voting records three times since polls opened in every county. In a state that exemplifies what voter suppression looks like in the modern day, people in Georgia are showing up to do their civic duty. Some of them are trying to stop progress by casting their ballots for Herschel Walker. Others are playing defense by voting for Raphael Warnock. And if Warnock pulls out a victory on Election Day, it will be because the citizens of Georgia put up a blockade that even their state’s greatest running back couldn’t get through. Defense wins championships.