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"He's Playing A Different Game Than Most Other Humans": Ricky Rubio Goes Behind-The-Back Twice For A Layup

This goes down as just two points, Ricky Rubio cutting to the basket and metaphorically pantsing Patty Mills and Aron Baynes in quick succession. But it's a pretty good microcosm of what he's capable of on his best nights: "making art," as the announcer says. Hang this opus in the MIA, because last night Rubio had the single best game of his NBA career.


In another lost season for the T-Wolves, a bright spot. A blowout win over the league-best Spurs, who were resting Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard after beating OKC last night. And Rubio, at just 22 years old nowhere near his ceiling, putting up his first career triple-double. The 21 points and 12 assists are nothing new, but 13 boards gave him his first-ever double-digit rebound night.

"That's the first of many to come," predicted J.J. Barea, and who's going to dispute it? Rubio's not about to out-jump anyone or bang down low, but with his vision and his sensibility and his hustling all over the court like some haywire Roomba, the numbers will come. Not numbers for the sake of numbers, but reflections of a budding all-around game that should make Minnesota's divisional opponents terrified of the future. "Stats are the last thing I try to watch," Rubio said last night, but we'll happily watch them pile up. Especially when they're as pretty as these two points.