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Hey, Everyone In Bristol Will Be Twinkies Tomorrow!

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It shouldn't be difficult to spot any ESPN employees walking down the street tomorrow: Look for the guy/lady with the Arena Football shirt and that "sweet God someone please shoot me" look on their face.


According to a post at Jim Romenesko's Media News, tomorrow is Arena Football T-shirt Day in Bristol! From a memo sent by our pal John Skipper last week:

Wednesday, May 16
11:30am - 1:30p.m.

Connecticut based employees will be receiving Arena Football team t-shirts compliments of Russell Athletic. If you are comfortable, please wear it to work on Wednesday, May 16th, as a symbol of welcome to our Arena Football guests.

* Tailgate party at the Bristol cafeteria compliments of the Arena Football League.
* Commissioner David Baker, AFL Staff, & Ownership, as well as "Special Guests" will be in attendance.
* Hamburgers and Hotdogs will be served.


The person who sent Romenesko the memo — hey, those are supposed to go to us! — writes "as a member of the newsroom, I find it increasingly difficult to square such promotional stunts with my journalistic ethics and principles. We're supposed to objectively cover the AFL, and yet we're being asked to wear an AFL t-shirt to show our support when the league's bosses walk through the newsroom?" Which is hilarious, considering this person must have just discovered he/she works for ESPN.

Seriously, though, there will be hamburgers and hotdogs.

Arena Football Day [Poynter]

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