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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hey Everyone! Let's Go Sailing!

Illustration for article titled Hey Everyone! Lets Go Sailing!

America's Cup season is here, so why aren't youngsters crowding the docks for autographs and affixing posters of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on their walls? We have no idea. Jut take a look at Tuesday's Louis Vuitton Cup semifinal series action from Spain:

Both boats then split with BMW Oracle Racing heading left and Luna Rossa right. Near the final marker, Dickson ducked behind the ITA-94 boat as they nearly touched while jostling for position. Spithill defended the now 14-second advantage, but a poor spinnaker hoist saw the Americans draw even as they got their kite up first to catch the wind. The Italians attempted to retake the lead as both boats gybed, but the USA-98 boat was too fast and took the lead three-quarters down the final lap.


You think the presidential political season starts early? Ellison was setting up match races in preparation for this year's Cup back in 2003, racing his boat in tight circles within San Francisco Bay (like a champion swimmer training in a hot tub, by comparison). Plus he's pretty much nuts, which is always fun. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that Versus will be carrying the America's Cup this year.

BMW Oracle Racing Rallies To Even Score With Italians [USA Today]

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