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Hey Everyone, Plaxico Burress Is Back!

After inviting him in for a workout, the Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to sign Plaxico Burress, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.


We're happy to see Plaxico back in the league, mostly because it means we don't have to watch him make desperate pleas for employment to just about every team in the league. And now he should have plenty of money to cover that speeding ticket he got.

It will be weird to see Plaxico back in a Steelers uniform, just as it was weird to see Randy Moss drop in on the Vikings for half of a season in 2010. Maybe he'll even wear number 80 again! This really isn't the greatest news for Steelers fans, though. Unless they are excited by the prospect of the team adding "washed-up receiver runs half-hearted fade route" to the playbook.

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