Here's a good use of crowdfunding for once: A documentary on Washington football team owner Dan Snyder's lawsuit of writer Dave McKenna—now with Deadspin, then of the Washington City Paper—that seems to use the suit as a entry point into a more global investigation into how one man could be blessed with such a very big ego and such a very tiny brain. [Attn legal: Dan's brain is probably more or less the size of a regular human's brain, just considerably worse.]

This isn't a Deadspin project, but we support the hustle. Above is the trailer for the doc, in which you can see McKenna jamming barefoot on his guitar, for some reason, and here's the link for Under Our Skins: A Dave and Goliath Story. You should donate some money to help it get off the ground [Ed. This is our personal opinion and does not represent an institutional stance, as we do not want to deal with a frivolous lawsuit from Dan Snyder and would much rather deal with one of substance, like—can you imagine—if someone were to write that Dan Snyder fucks horses, without actual proof that, with the aid of a step-ladder, Dan Snyder fucked a horse to exhaustion on a sticky summer's afternoon before sneaking a wink out behind the Pimlico stables, and sometimes is reminded of the touch of horse hair bristling against his biceps when he reaches climax; that would clearly be libel, and no one should write anything like it without proof, but certainly it would drum up a more lively debate than any rote legal action that could be spawned by a simple post about a documentary].