Amped-Up Sports Talk With Real Opinions never sleeps, people. It doesn't take days off, not national holidays, and not days when there are no compelling sporting events going on.

So here you have Bayless making some inane point about LeBron being a blowhard, although in the process he stumbles upon on the trenchant point that Broussard (and, really, all of ESPN's reporters) have traded objectivity for access, especially concerning LeBron. He doesn't note, although he should, that ESPN once had objective access to LeBron, and pulled the plug on that.

But then Jay Crawford has to go all Carter at Camp David on us, and First and Ten probably came back from break talking about Dirk's legacy or something. But we'll always have that fleeting moment on Memorial Day, where, just briefly, ESPN2—and Skip Fucking Bayless, of all people—became self-aware.

Video via Richard Deitsch.