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Say it with us now: More trouble for Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champ — it seems like so much has happened that we shouldn't even call him that anymore — has been accused of assaulting a woman in Italy who refused to have sex with him. The European press, which has pretty much been doing cartwheels since Tyson arrived in their continent, has the scoop:

News that he had been questioned by police came as further details of Ms Botoli's complaint were leaked - including allegations that Tyson took cocaine and attempted to force her to try the drug.

In her statement to police, she alleged: "There was a white powder on a tray; it was cocaine. Tyson took some, a lot, and then started hitting me.

"He tried to force my head down into the powder but I don't do drugs."

She added: "He said he wanted to have sex with me. But when I said 'no' and didn't take the drugs he want mad.

"He punched me and then threw me to the floor. It left me stunned.

"Tyson kept shouting at me until his bodyguard told him to calm down and stop because he was going over the top."


Well, at least it's not anything bad.

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