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Hey, Please Thank Fire Joe Morgan Again For Making Yesterday Wonderful

Remember how much fun you had yesterday watching Fire Joe Morgan eviscerate all of those poor, poor sports journalists? Yeah, if you could help them help people with cancer, it'd be much appreciated.

Ken Tremendous:

Hey — a quick check of the donations to cancer research as of this morning had us at about $2500 and counting, which is awesome. Could you gents possibly remind your readers sometime that we will be matching the cumulative donations up to $5000 and make another plea?

Thanks again for yesterday.

Donate Here. And once you make the donation, send the proof to so they can match yo' ass.


So, let's all collect our pennies and try to push this thing to $5,000. If you do, then during tomorrow's Deleted Scenes, I'll show the nice images that were sent to us from a prospective job applicant. She's, um, eager?

Soo I've been reading deadspin for quite some time, and I just wanted to show the best "titties" around!—MINE.

just moved to cali from nyc...and looking for a job! hahaha. any suggestions...




Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Now, let's see if we can also cure cancer!

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