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Not to remain so firmly ensconced on the jock of Free Darko, but we're completely fascinated with their McSweeney's column today. Namely: Has anybody noticed that Antoine Walker and Jason Williams are playing in this series? Obviously, Dirk and Shaq and Wade and Cuban are the headliners of the series, but it wasn't long ago at all that Walker and Williams were marquee guys in the league, with their own commercials and highlight packages and personal dramas.

Now they're just bit players in the Finals, or, as Free Darko puts it, " like asking the wacky uncle to make the wedding toast ... the dinner-theater role of a lifetime." Yet if the Heat are going to tie this series tonight, it might behoove each of them to rediscover that they used to be stars ... even if they weren't really stars.


Something to mull over, anyway, as we await Mark Cuban's first pre-game blog entry and check to see if Scottie Pippen has started drinking yet.

Cluttered Parlors Are the Coziest [McSweeney's]

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