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Hey, The Couch Is Better Than Atlanta. Totally.

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If you're one of those Frank Rich-obsessed souls who read the TimesSelect column, you already know this, but if not, we should make this clear before we start talking about the Final Four: We did not make it to Atlanta. Because Peter King is the only person left on earth who doesn't recognize that it's boring to read about someone else's travel issues, we'll just say the practice of overselling tickets — and booting people with guaranteed seats — is an affront to humanity and that Continental Airlines is a bad airline, yes, yes, a bad airline indeed. After 24 hours at Newark Liberty Airport (or Freedom Airport, or whatever the hell they're calling it now), trying to find a flight, any flight, that would send us to Atlanta, we gave up and watched Saturday's games from our couch in Brooklyn. We could lament that we missed an opportunity to see our first Final Four because of a greedy, outdated airline policy, but we won't. We have long espoused the theory that watching a game at home is often just as enjoyable, if not more so, than watching it in person, so we shan't whine too much about it. From now on.

As MJD mentioned yesterday, Saturday's games were immense disappointments, neither particularly close or competitive. The highlight of the night was Greg Oden's sudden explosion of a just-missed dunk, a supernova of movement that actually scared us.


Other than that, though, it was obvious who the best team was in both games. Hopefully that won't happen again tonight. We're still in Brooklyn, which means we're gonna be able to watch "One Shining Moment," and if tonight's game isn't epic, they'll be lucky to find enough highlights from this year's tournament to fill it.

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