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The NCAA isn't profiting off of "amateur" athletes' names or likenesses, OK? That's why that inconvenient search option was taken down from from the website of the NCAA shop earlier today. But if you still wanna buy something by doing a search on the name of your favorite "amateur" athlete, you're in luck!


As one of our commenters noted, you can still buy [insert "amateur" athlete's name here] merchandise over at Amazon, presumably with the full blessing of the Collegiate Licensing Company. And as another commenter noted, to shop freely for merch associated with the "amateur" athlete of your choice, just add "/search/['amateur' athlete's name]" (without the quotation marks) to the URL of the NCAA shop's homepage. Blammo. You're in business.

Also, the search option still seems to be available on the NCAA shop's mobile site. And, look, I just went to Google and found this in a mere 0.21 seconds:


Hi, NCAA and CLC lawyers! Best of luck with that O'Bannon case!

h/t to Jay Bilas

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