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Hey, What's The Senate's Problem With The PGA?

On September 13, a bill was introduced to Congress "Congratulating The Professional Golfers' Association of America on its 90th anniversary." On September 25, it passed the House, and September 26 it went to the Senate.

And for some reason ... then it just stopped. The blog No One Appreciates Me, whose proprietor just returned from vacation, just can't imagine how that could have possibly happened. After all, it was introduced by a perfectly legitimate public servant.

One thing is for certain...this is all very mysterious. We need someone to look into this matter. Mark Foley is the hero of the PGA Tour in his attempt to celebrate the PGA simply falling on deaf ears in the Senate? Is the PGA not appreciative of his efforts for some reason? Or is there more to this story? The silence regarding this bill, on all sides, is simply deafening.


Seriously, Senate: What do you have against the PGA? We know what it is: You hate the new Tiger Woods videogame! Well, it's probably because you just haven't heard enough about it.

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