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High School Basketball Announcer Shreds Vocal Cords To Pieces In Bonkers Championship Game Call

Please enjoy this gentleman (?) calling a high school game in Chicago absolutely losing his shit in the final seconds. From what we can gather in all the madness, "Hot Rod" Williams drilled a three with 2.4 seconds left to take the lead. Then all hell broke loose in the announcer's booth. We truly are watching what greatness is, ya'll. If greatness is Miss Piggy being randomly sodomized as she calls a high school basketball game. [via]

Update (11:20 p.m.): Eagle-eyed reader Disco Choo reminds us that Marist, the team that sent this poor man into hysterics, has a football team also capable of driving play-by-play men insane. We're not sure if it's the same guy calling both games but, perhaps you remember the "PY-RO-TECHNICS" call following a game-winning field goal last November.
h/t Tom W.


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