High School Basketball Coach Tells Team He's Gay

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Worth your time: MSG Varsity has a thorough report on 35-year-old Anthony Nicodemo's decision to out himself as a gay man. Nicodemo is the basketball coach at Saunders, a high school in Yonkers, N.Y. He was inspired to come out after having met Jason Collins at a recent LGBT sports summit in Oregon.


Nicodemo had already informed his assistant coaches, close friends, and officials in both the Yonkers school district and the school district in which he teaches. The last step came yesterday, during a meeting with his players and some of their parents. Nicodemo admitted he was afraid of how his players would react. Much to his surprise, they didn't even flinch when he told them the news:

The positive, and somewhat indifferent, response from the Saunders players was satisfying for Nicodemo, who’s believed to be among the only openly gay male high school coaches in the region.

The team met for nearly a half-hour Monday with several players speaking out in support of their coach. Afterwards, the team walked into the gym and held a 90-minute workout.


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