High School Basketball Team Caught Swapping Out Triplets At The Free-Throw Line

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Over the weekend, the Dora High School boys basketball team won a local tournament through a 64-62 nail-biter in the final over Licking High School. Their win, however, was not without controversy. Parents from Licking accused Dora coach Rick Luna of using a secret and illegal tactic: swapping his three triplet sons (they’re wearing numbers 20, 23, and 34 here) out for each other on free-throw attempts to try and steal a slight advantage. Video from the game shows No. 34 Auston Luna getting switched out so his brother Bryson, No. 20, can shoot.


The referee didn’t catch the switch, which should have earned Dora a technical foul. A parent from Licking told the Springfield News-Leader that it happened at least twice in their game, and that parents from other schools have been complaining about it all year. Rick Luna told Ozarks Sports Zone that the swap wasn’t planned, and noted that his team only shot 1-for-4 on the free throws in question.

Judging from the team’s Twitter account, they don’t seem to be repentant or anything


A spokesperson for the Missouri State High School Activities Association confirmed an investigation into incident, though he also said that last weekend’s result won’t be altered:

We’ve reached out to the administration to discuss it further. As far as the game itself, there’s not a lot that can be done since the game is over. In situations like this, it’s more just a discussion and education of the officials and things like that.