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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

High School Basketball Team's Season Canceled Over Pee-Soaked Locker Room Incident

Illustration for article titled High School Basketball Teams Season Canceled Over Pee-Soaked Locker Room Incident

An Illinois high school basketball team has had their season canceled after its players allegedly urinated all over the visiting locker room at another school. CSI: DeKalb!


The Hiawatha High School boys basketball team lost to host Indian Creek on Jan. 30, so the Hiawatha players evidently decided to strike back the only way they knew how. Urine and popcorn, everywhere. Just like my Super Bowl party.

The carnage was photographed and presented to Hiawatha school officials, who then asked the offending Hiawatha players to step forward. Only one of them did so. But officials determined that the amount of urine "was too much for just one person," and thus decided to cancel the remainder of Hiawatha's season. And there is no joy on the shores of Lake Gitchigoomie tonight.

"They said there was too much urine to be one person," said Webster, whose son is a senior on the varsity team. "They apparently, in the investigation, decided there was more than one person. I don't know how you can determine what it was after it had dried."

Webster said that the administration demanded that all of the members of both the varsity and freshman/sophomore teams write letters of apology to Indian Creek.


I would think that a Hallmark Sorry I Pissed On Your Wrestling Mats card would suffice, and in fact, I may have some old ones on file. I'll check. Anyway, Hiawatha players and parents are fighting back, trying to salvage the season. We'll let you know how that goes.

Bathroom Incident Ends Hawks' Season [DeKalb Daily Chronicle]

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