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This weekend, so-called adults will have awkward high school reunions all across America. We asked you for your worst high school reunion horror stories. We're publishing our favorites during the holiday. Here's one, from reader "B. Green."

At my ten-year reunion (almost 10 years ago) my wife & I had a great time—we went to prom together and classmates were happy to see us married and such. But it was the attendance of my friend's..... mother that really set the night off. This highly intelligent friend of mine in high school had gone to Brandeis, and settled at USC to go to med school. Five years after we graduated, he committed an insanely stupid and depraved act involving a samurai sword and a woman in Koreatown. He left his backpack behind with his wallet inside, and the cops went right to his door, which his mother answered (more on that later). Needless to say, my friend got 30-plus years to life in prison for his crime.


Cut to the reunion: His mother shows up with a tape recorder. Throughout the night, she goes from table to table asking people to record a message for her son because he's on a "educational trip." I had followed the story and knew what had happened to the man, but she revealed nothing to the people in attendance. As if her appearance there wasn't weird enough, she WORE A DRESS. People initially thought she might have been a classmate. She literally talked to every one of us, and after she got our voices on tape, she INSISTED ON BEING IN THE FEMALE PHOTO with all of the women celebrating THEIR reunion. It was then that I realized that no matter what my friend had done to garner an indeterminate sentence in California penal, he was truly fucked from the beginning. To paraphrase Denis Leary from The Ref, he's not wasting away in prison—he's hiding.

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