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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

High School Running Back Has Trouble Finding The End Zone (Literally)

Whose idea was it to paint the lines on a football field white? Did they realize that when it snows—as it often does during important late fall playoff games—it's impossible to see where you are on the field? That's why T.J. Peeler of Broad Run High School just assumed he had already reached the end zone during this snow-bound state championship game, so he just stopped and ... uh oh.

The artificial turf at Liberty University's Arthur L. Williams Stadium was covered in a thin blanket of snow for the Virginia Division 4 state championship game on Saturday, so when running back Peeler broke free toward the endzone he got a little confused. He pulled up just short of paydirt and—believing he had already scored—gently set the ball down on the five-yard line. Alert players from the opposing team pounced on the ball and the scoring drive was over. Oops.


Luckily, Broad Run recovered and won 13-0, so Peeler was off the hook for Merkle's Boner-level infamy. Maybe some orange lines or a New England Patriots ground crew could help out next time.

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