Wayne High School (Neb.) took on Dakota Valley High School (SD) in a non-conference match-up Friday, and the game featured a finish so wild it would make John Havlicek blush. Down three with under ten seconds left, Wayne's Ben Hoskins hit a three to send the game to overtime. That's when things got really weird.

Up two with just 0.6 seconds left in overtime (according to the YouTube description), Dakota Valley inbounded the ball from under their own basket. Save for passing the ball directly to an opponent, there was really no way they could lose. But with Wayne apparently stifling the entire court, that's exactly what happened. The Dakota Valley inbounder opted to chuck the ball most of the length of the court, but instead of a teammate he found Wayne's Ben Hoskins, who promptly nailed a half-court shot for the win. As they say in the Upper Midwest, Uff da.