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High School Wrestling Match Interrupted By Teen Crashing Through Ceiling

A 19-year-old from Gainesville, Fla., is currently in the hospital with a back injury after he fell 40 feet through a gym skylight during a wrestling tournament at Buchholz High School, according to a Gainesville Sun report. At least he had a little padding.

The video, shot by one of the parents attending the event, shows the aftermath of the fall, but you can also hear the crash and thud as the teen slammed onto a mat. The correct reaction to the fall is heard immediately in the video: “SHIT!”

Video: Sharyn Gonzalez

Unlike Shane McMahon and his crazy WWE dives, this teen did not mean to leave it all on the line for the sport of wrestling. Police say he was part of a group of at least eight people who were messing around on the roof when someone threw his phone onto a higher part of the roof.


According to the Gainesville Sun, the teen, who has not yet been identified, walked across the skylight to retrieve the phone when it gave way, shattering and sending him into the gym. Police Lt. Brett Rhodenizer said he believes the teen sustained a likely back injury.

Seven members of the group—four minors and three adults 18 or over, although all seven are students at either Buchholz or a charter school in the area—have been charged with trespassing for the incident, and school district spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said there will also be disciplinary actions against them. You’d think that nearly shattering your spine like this would get you out of some punishment, but this guy wasn’t so lucky.

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