Hilariously Gross Brett Favre News To Surface Soon

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And it has nothing to do with his alleged retirement this time around. No, no — it turns out the heroic Gunslinger of yore has a little scoundrel in him, too. But you must wait, mongrels.

Here's somewhat of a [sic'd] clue:

PS, when the texts/pics/calls started... [Redacted] asked Peter King about the phone number.. and King said he didn't have that number for him. So this is a completely separate bat phone that no one including his best friends knows about. He'd ask me to send him video again.. or some shit every once in a while.. like I "did before'.. (and I never did) which means, this scum bag prolly was doing this to multiple women...

I don't want to get famous for this.. or have anything to do with this.. but.. I hate the fact that every one loves on this guy when I can't even stand to watch his wranglers commercials.


He's a pro.

To make this even more interesting — the person on the receiving end of Favre's clumsy overtures is someone you're probably familiar with as well.


But be patient. We've been patient, so you must be, too. This person's story could do wonders for keeping Favre's name out of our football conversation for the next three months. Let's just say this — you'll never be able to think of Brett Favre without thinking about Crocs.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Sleep well, Brett.

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