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Hillary Will Play Despite The Sniper Fire

When I first saw this it looked rather stupid; a flash game pitting political figures against one another in rock, paper scissors. The next thing I knew, I had been playing for more than an hour ... oops. Sorry, guy I was supposed to meet to pick up my taxes. (Hint: When playing against George W. Bush, he always throws rock. Get it? A rock? Never mind.)

Here's the bloody game. And did you know that there is actually a Rock Paper Scissors national championship? Here's some video at their site, if you want to waste even more time.


In other sports news involving politics, the NFL has announced that it will move back the start of its NFL opener this coming season so as not to conflict with the Republican National Convention that same evening. So it'll be 7 p.m., ET, instead of the traditional 8:30 p.m. So that's 4 p.m. to me. Damn you, McCain! (one, two, three ... paper!).

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