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Hirshey Quickie: Becks' Reality Venture

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David Hirshey writes regularly for Deadspin about soccer.

I'm not sure whether it was his performance in the new Annie Leibovitz Disney campaign — he plays Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip complete with a big white stallion between his legs — or his debut as the newest statue at New York's Madame Tussaud Museum (oddly enough he gives a better quote in wax than in person) ... but it has led to the inevitable:

Yes, Fox has approached Becks about doing his own reality show. Since "American Idol" is already taken, may I offer up my suggestion for a title? "The Amazing Face." But feel free to top it, Deadspinners. The best entry gets a free copy of his autobiography and a wax likeness of Will Leitch.


Who's The Dummy? Madame Tussauds Unveil Waxworks In New York [Daily Mail]
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(UPDATE FROM HIRSHEY: Due to the fact that Deadspin readers have taken the death of Barbaro (or Cold Spurs, as British football fans like to think of him) harder than the cancellation of "The O.C.," we've decided to keep the phone lines open for one more day in the name David Beckham's Reality Show contest. Perhaps when everyone is done sitting shiva—he was Jewish, right?—the creative juices will finally be unbridled.)

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