HIV-Positive Tommy Morrison Says HIV Doesn't Exist So He Has Unprotected Sex "Every Day"

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This column from a few days back in which Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star speaks to former "heavyweight champion" Tommy Morrison is a must-read for HIV deniers, teleporters, Randy Quaid, train-wreck enthusiasts and fans of quality reportage.

Here's a sample:

They stole his career, he says, at least a $38 million contract and who knows how much after that? They stole his good name, too. Made him admit to the world he has HIV. But that was before he found out that HIV doesn't exist. It was invented to control people, he tells you, and he can go on and on about this all day.

He takes another bite and looks at his girlfriend, a woman from England named Trisha.

"We have unprotected sex," she says.

Tommy is still chewing, but laughs.

"Every day," he says. "We're wild."

Here's another:

Tommy has spots all over his hands and arms. They're distracting when you meet him. You can't miss them. He blames his boxer puppy. Only the spots aren't bite marks or scratches, and so now Tommy says they're mosquito bites. Mosquitoes love him, he says.

Except it's the middle of winter, and the marks look a lot like the HIV symptom of lesions or Kaposi's sarcoma.


And, finally, another:

"I think about boxing more now. I'm better," he says. "They're not used to that. A white guy that has hand speed, power, charisma, and can talk in complete sentences? (Shoot). Sounds like a gold mine to me."

(Shoot). It sure does.

Morrison insists he can box and doesn't have HIV [Kansas City Star]