Hmmmmmm. LeBron James And Kyrie Irving Sent Some Cryptic Tweets. Hmmmmmmm.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics 120-103 on Saturday, and one would assume that such a victory would have put everyone in the locker room in a good mood. Maybe it did, but it also put LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in the mood to do some subtweeting.


If this were any other team, there’d be no reason to pay too much attention to those tweets, but the Cavs have lost the benefit of the doubt in situations like these. LeBron’s been on a subtweeting kick lately, and has aimed cryptic tweets at teammates before. This is also the team that very likely orchestrated a mid-season coup against David Blatt, and has previously stirred up controversy by not including certain people in team pictures. This is a passive aggressive bunch, and they are no strangers to locker room drama.


So what are those tweets about, then? It wasn’t so long ago that the team was supposed to be reborn following a players only meeting that turned into an “airing of grievances” for James, Irving, and Kevin Love. But some of those grievances may have returned after Saturday’s game, in which Love scored 10 points and played just 11 second-half minutes after getting bossed by the Celtics’ bigs in the first half, while Irving scored 20 points and played just 13 minutes in the second. With those two on the bench, the game was swung in the Cavs’ favor by a Dellavedova-James-Smith-Shumpert-Thompson small-ball lineup. After a game like that, it’s easy to see how one member of the Big Three might be thinking that “everyone isn’t dreaming the same thing every day.”

The Cavs play the Grizzlies tonight. They’ll probably win the game by 15 and continue be the most miserable 45-17 team in history; could be we’ll get some lion memes out of it.


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