Sometimes I think junior hockey exists to give the smaller, underserved cold-weather markets a local team to call their own. But then I realize, no, it exists mostly to populate the internet with video of line brawls, weird promotions, and coaching meltdowns. This comes from a game Saturday between the NAHL's Wenatchee (Wash.) Wild and the Kenai River Brown Bears, and it's a new spin on protesting a call.

Wenatchee assistant coach Chris Clark wasn't happy with the officiating, including a nebulous bench misconduct and a series of calls that would have the Wild shorthanded until almost the final horn. So he grabbed some dark glasses, used a stick as a cane, and tottered around the ice as a blind referee. (Why did he have sunglasses, and also the tuxedo? It's junior hockey, it was probably Gangnam Style night or something.)

Clark was ejected for his performance, and Wenatchee would go on to give up the game-winner. Still totally worth it.

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