Some people are just straight up crazy. Take this father of the year candidate who was removed from a girls high school hockey game between Winthrop and Medway-Ashland after he was discovered shining a laser pointer in a teenage girl's eyes.

The score was tied 1-1 in the third period when the father of a Winthrop player was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie. Winthrop assistant superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered the parent out of the arena.

Winthrop would wind up winning the game 3-1, but controversy endures. Medway-Ashland parents want to replay the third period and question why this dad, who has priors when it comes to disrupting girls hockey games apparently, was even allowed to watch the game. If this whole story is not quite absurd enough, according to more responsible adults, the targeted goalie has been experiencing headaches ever since the game.

It's moments like these that remind us, behind every screw up that makes the old folks mutter "kids these days," is an idiot parent, shining a laser pointer.

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