Hockey Team's Logo Was So Bad, They Changed The Whole Damn Team Name

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Yesterday, we predicted that the Lake Erie Warriors, a junior club in the brand-new NCPHL, would apologize and change its logo. It happened fast. What we didn’t predict was that the logo would so thoroughly salt the earth and pollute the groundwater that the only solution would be to rebrand altogether.

The Lake Erie Warriors are no more.

Say hello to the Lake Erie Gulls:


The logo is a temporary one, according to the league’s Twitter exchange with Erie Times-News hockey writer Victor Fernandes.

There was nothing wrong with the name Warriors—it’s a fine name! Sure to inspire fear in the hearts of their less-war-engaged opponents. But someone decided that Warriors would be forever tied to the image of a screaming Native head floating above a volcano or whatever, and said “Let’s do birds. Can’t fuck up birds.”


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