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Hockey World Is Filled With Finger-Biting, Child-Mugging Thugs

The "rivalry" between Buffalo and Ottawa took a rather childish turn last night when the Senators' Jarkko Ruutu went all Mike Tyson on Sabres winger Andrew Peters.

The two tough guys got tangled up near the bench early in the first period, when Peters' hand got a little too close to Ruutu's mouth, so Ruutu bit down—through the glove—drawing blood. Naturally, Peters got a game misconduct, while Ruutu got nothing except a stick to the groin from Peters' teammate Jaroslav Spacek. So that's probably a fair trade.


Ruutu's excuse? "He had his finger in my mouth, but I didn't bite him." Yeah, we've all used that line before. Have you ever put a hockey glove in your mouth, by the way? I'd rather eat stick tape. Oh, and the Senators lost.

Meanwhile, word out of Chicago is that another goon squad took a night off from the ice to work the security team at Wrigley Field. It seems that while heading off the ice after the Winter Classic on New Year's Day, Red Wing Henrik Zetterberg spotted a 14-year-old Detroit fan, winked at him (I know), then handed the boy his stick. But as the boy was leaving the stadium, a security guard confiscated the obviously dangerous weapon, telling him he could pick it up later at the customer relations office. Of course, they didn't have the stick or any idea what he was talking about when the kid arrived to pick it up.


What kind of world are we living in where grown men bite each other and steal from kids? Oh, right. This one.

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