If Chris Simon and Ryan Hollweg are trying to kill each other, you know that the NHL regular season can't be far off. Saturday, to be exact; unless there's an earlier game I didn't detect, which is entirely possible. Anyway, drama on the slippery surface! If you're planning on attending an opener, here's hoping that two out of three celebrity sightings are good ones.

If you're looking for NHL previews, NHL Blog Central is always a good place to start. Here's NHL.com, and of course Off Wing Opinion is still around and has a few previews up. (And Mr. McErlain will be showing up around these parts later this week; there we go again, being a lazy outsourcer.) And since the Canadian dollar is now equal in value to its American counterpart, those hosers will be cockier than ever. Oh, it is so on.

Goalies Brawl in Rangers-Islanders Brouhaha [MSNBC]